Sotogrande Golf course


There are many reasons why one should live in Sotogrande.

Sotogrande has access to two international airports: Malaga and Gibraltar. Respectively, 109 and 22 Kilometres from Sotogrande on motorways. 

In this privileged and sizeable development, safety is the prime objective of the people who live here. We have a large team of our own security personnel who, day and night, roam around this gated community, with the latest in technology available to them. There are cameras on each street corner.

Sotogrande enjoys fabulous weather, whilst still being in Europe, and is blessed geographically in such a way that we do not have hurricanes, tidal waves, tsunamis and the risk of earthquakes is very low.

Though some neighbouring areas may experience water supply problems, thanks to the foresight of Joseph McMicking, the founder of Sotogrande, the community has access to the water of the Guadiaro River.

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