Magnificent XV Century property in Sierra Norte de Sevilla

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This palace was built as a hermitage in the end of the XV century. It is situated within the entrance of an Andalusian village located on the Sierra Norte of Seville. I was restored and rebuilt in 1997, with the comfort and technology of the highest grade and the quality of handcrafted arts of long ago. The spirit of this building resumes in comfort, beauty, history and technology. The personalized design creates a diverse ambiance and offers a different experience in each room. Furnishing and art pieces of different epochs mix atmospheric quality and warmth.

It offers 9 bedrooms:

• King’s Room. Grand suite on the first floor of the building, with a main balcony and magnificent views to the Sierra.
• Queen’s room. The junior room of the hotel, which communicates with the King’s Room and is a very comfortable suite.
• Blue Canopy’s Room: features a canopy bed of family tradition. Very elegant and calming.
• Prints’ Room. This room has a special size bed and open bathroom.
• Bullfighter’s Room. A magnificent room from which you have views to the village Bull Ring.
• Frederick Castet’s Room. The room is dedicated to the great designer of the Christian Dior firm. Through a beautiful 19th century wrought-iron gate, you can access a small but intimate garden.
• Infante’s Room. Romantic room, very illuminated by two large windows that open to the private garden, with a marble fountain and a sublime combination of plants.
• General’s Room. It is decorated by a beautiful collection of 19th century Japanese art. It is in the lower plant and has access to the small private garden.
• Bridal suite. The most spacious of the rooms. The magnificent bathroom is emphasized with a similar pair of 19th century bathtubs.
Private Gardens: the rooms of Frederick, the General, the Infant and the Bridal Suite, all in the lower floor, connect with a small private garden, a pleasant space for relaxing or chatting among the vegetation and the murmur of a fountain.

Other features:

Heating by radiators, Inverter technology - Underfloor heating - WiFi - TV in all bedrooms - Minibar - Sauna, massage room.

Palace surroundings:
• The Central Patio: The Patio of columns, the fountain, the XV century mosaic tiles, the background settings of water and plants, make this a haven for reading or enjoying a good snack.
• The Fountain Pool, with traces of the renaissance so spread out in the XVI century in Seville.
• The Library
• The Bar and Terrace, next to the fountain pool.
• The lodge, the place where breakfasts and dinners are served.
• The Hall: the area from where you enter the Palace. This space connects with the Music room, the dining room and the Lodge.
• The Restaurant. An ideal setting for private meals, banquets or conferences. It is essential to anticipate a reservation of at least 48 hours.
• The Music Room.
• The Palace Chapel.

Activities: Guided cultural visits – Hunting - Horseback riding – Hiking - Bike routes - Massage service - Carriage horse rides - Music, Flamenco, and other artistic performances.

Holiday Rentals:

* King´s Room - Double / 2 beds - 150 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Queen´s Room - Double / 2 beds - 140 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Blue Canopy´s Room - Double / 1 Double bed - 140 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Prints´s Room - Double / 2 beds - 140 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Bulfighter´s Room - Double / 2 beds - 150 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Frederick Castet´s Room - Double / 1 Double bed - 150 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Infante´s Room - Double / 1 Doble bed - 150 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* General´s Room - Double / 2 beds - 150 Euros (bed + breakfast)
* Bridal Suite - Double / 1 King Size bed - 150 Euros (bed + breakfast)

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