Valderrama Golf Course

Jimmy Patiño had big dreams for Valderrama and owners of Sotogrande who had bought plots or constructed homes around this Golf course. They  thought they would be living in a peaceful location.  They thought they would be able to cross the golf course with their pets and enjoy the views and tranquility.

But soon Patiño planted big trees infront of the houses and had rough rude guards stop anyone walking on the course with or without their pets. To the point that one of the share holders of the golf course who built an important villa on the front line, after a year decided to put his fabulous Villa up for sale, and moved away from Sotogrande. Another owner went to court and asked the court to order the removal of the trees inbetween his property and valderrama Golf course. He bought the plot because of the views and paid more for the first line to the golf course, more than houses in the same area. He won the court case, and most of the trees were removed.

Valderrama very quickly became one of the most recognized courses in Europe and America. The Volvo Cup started in 1988, and continued  until 2009.  Valderram hosted the 32nd Ryders Cup in 1997, the first out side USA and England. Ever since, until now,  many other important championships have been organized in Valderrama Golf course. Also, in addition to the Valderrama Golf Course, there is a wild life reserve that surrounds it.