“I remember, when I arrived to Sotogrande in mid-70s.


There were 2 Golf Courses in Sotogrande, one in lower Sotogrande which was designed by Prestigious Golf Architect,  Robert Trent Jones Sr. in 1984. This Golf course was the most beautiful and considered one of the best Golf course in Europe.


There was another Golf course in upper Sotogrande called Las Aves. When Joseph McMicking ordered the second golf Course in upper Sotogrande he called it Las Aves Golf course of Sotogrande. He asked to have dirt roads to circumvent the golf Course of Las Aves so people could ride horses under the shades of cork trees around the green grass of the golf Course. Although the concept sounds romantic , in reality, it was not welcomed by the golfers, who needed total concentrations and privacy.


In !984 the Golf Course Las Aves was taken over by Jaime Ortiz- Patiño who had a big dream for this golf course.  For starters, he changed the name to Valderrama Golf Course. He closed all access to horses, not allowing any rider to enter nor any other person to walk around the Valderrama Golf course. Patiño, to the dismay of most owners, ordered extensive planting of tall trees in front of house on the first line to the golf Course.


Part II to be continued.”