There is a new concept that one of our good clients from South Africa is bringing this to Sotogrande.  This client is the owner of 5 properties in Sotogrande  and she will be furnishing these properties in perfection to be ready for July and August of this year 2022 and from there on for also short term from September going through winter and following year 2023.  These properties is being furnished in the highest standard with all the facilities possible in modern world. This owner has over 22 large villas  in Johannesburg and Cape Town,  all are with Sea views and are furnished luxuriously with every possible modern way that the tenants can enjoy living in these villas. The purpose is that the tenant enjoy their vacation in the property  they do not  even have the need of going out of the villa. The chef can cook in the house or can be provided any kind of dishes of their choice to be sent to the villa at any time.  The guests can also enjoy the latest films and documentaries.  We are providing some photographic examples how the properties of the same owner has been furnished in South Africa and in Sotogrande is in the process of  being furnished very similar this month of May and June 2022.