The weather has changed all over the world and we hoped it would not affect our beautiful Costa del Sol.  The glaciers are melting in a very fast way all over the world, and it´s natural that everywhere we will feel this change.  According to some scientists, ironically the climate in Europe will get colder.

A strange atmospheric phenomenon hit the Costa del Sol on Thursday, March 24, 2022, when the sky became covered by thick red clouds in the late afternoon, and mud started to rain out of sky.


All our cars were covered by red mud to the point we could not see through the windshields. Our cars were totally covered in red mud, the swimming pools were full of mud, and many pool engines were ruined.  In general, all around the Costa del Sol this freak of weather caused much damage.

Some years ago, this happened.  Sandstorms from the Sahara travelled by wind up to the Costa del Sol and left a red dust. Living in Sotogrande for over forty years I have witnessed this red dust storm happening only few times but never ever in this intensity and thickness. The heavy thick mud which we had on March 24, 2022, affected many houses on the Costa del Sol and has damaged many swimming pools.