There is an International School called Prime School, based in Portugal, for students of all ages, from pre-school to college, and in collaboration with Cambridge International Education. This International School offers the students the opportunity to learn different subjects by participating in various projects.

Prime School is also a Boarding School where students of all nationalities enrol there, in a multicultural inclusive environment. Prime School encourages them to explore who they are and offers them the opportunity to join any activity that suit their interests. The students become more disciplined and responsible, finding themselves living away from home. The school motivates the students to express themselves and to make their own choices; this develops their self-confidence and helps to shape successful future leaders.

Prime School has reached Goli at Sotogrande-Properties to assist them in finding a premise where they can welcome students as  part of their multicultural projects.

Goli Real Estate S.L. is helping them to find the right place as a boarding school to bring some of their students to Southern Spain to get to know and experience the Spanish culture. One of their choices is this fabulous Palace in Seville, a magnificent place offering history, tradition, and cultural activities.

Undoubtedly, a great place for their students to discover Andalusia.