I remember before Gibraltar opened its gates Sotogrande was incredibly quiet and hardly any house was being built. The Financiera sales office was a family business of Sotogrande, run by Zobel family, and headed by Joseph Mac Micking the founder.

One day, from this office someone approached me and offered the area in calle Faisan and surroundings to buy for 12 million Pesetas which at that time was roughly around 120,000 US dollars. I thought that was a scary proposal as nothing was happening at that time in Sotogrande. I thought to myself it was like buying some frozen land in north of Alaska. I politely asked, what about the roads and infrastructure? I was told in time one day Sotogrande will start doing.

Calle Faisán, Sotogrande

Today, this whole section in Sotogrande not only is completely built, but very much in demand. As matter of fact my first sale was in Calle Faisán long ago. Today we have this magnificent mansion for sale which is full of artwork and beautifully equipped with the most expensive and updated furnishing.

Views from a mansion for sale in Sotogrande